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Charities and not-for-profits

Share your story and educate visitors about your mission.

Create a website with all the tools you need to establish an online presence for your organisation.

First impressions are important
Image is very important, especially with the pressure to account for expenditure and optimise limited funds. Having a first-rate website is critical in staying ahead to get your message heard in the latest, most innovative way possible. We understand that you're competing for attention, not just against other organisations but also regular businesses as well - many of which are backed by large marketing engines with enviable budgets.

At Kobe Creations, we provide charities and NFPs with the complete digital package, from the best in-class websites to effective email communications, marketing automation systems and many more.
Kickstart your website with the following functions and features:

  • Set up your site to accept online donations

  • Create and manage events and fundraisers

  • Build up a user database or connect to an existing one

  • Integrate with your social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...


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