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MYOB EXO / Wordpress / WooCommerce

An EXO integrated eCommerce website with a customised design.

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The Challenge

Barnes, a supplier of moulding, casting, and sculpting materials, commissioned the Kobe Creations Team to develop a brand new website that would function as an eCommerce storefront and content hosting platform for customer resources.

The project entailed creating a responsive web UI with a seamless user experience from scratch, along with integrating a shop to their MYOB EXO system and shipping carrier services. Additionally, the team was tasked with building a dedicated section on the site to feature FAQs, video tutorials, and product demonstrations offered by Barnes to their customer community. Finally, our team had to import all data from the previous website, including product documents and customer reviews and ratings, into the new website

The Solution

Our team quickly created initial designs, which included site-wide theme details and layouts for important pages, with mobile options. Barnes approved these designs, and we immediately put them into practice by producing a working WordPress-based site on our own development servers. We heavily customized the site to match the approved designs exactly.

Simultaneously, we set up a WooCommerce storefront on the site and integrated it swiftly with Barnes' MYOB EXO system, using our existing MyIntegrator platform. The integration was tailored to accommodate Barnes' custom fields and documents for products, as well as a unique payment logging system for customer orders.

Once the designs and integrations were ready, we imported data from Barnes' legacy system, including their community content, into a dedicated 'Learn' section of the new site. The final major aspect of development involved shipping, as our team devised a system for per-product shipping methods, including the option to generate consignments automatically and restrict 'Dangerous Goods' orders to specific carriers.

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The Result

• A ground-up customised site design and layout, with a focus on UX.

• Reduced administrative time and cost through automated data syncing of products (including product variants, product documents and images), inventory levels and customer orders with payments.

• Full important of legacy site content and data.

• Customised Shipping Integrations with MachShip and TNT

• Support for managing custom marketing and discount campaigns

Kobe Creations successfully developed a new website with an attractive and responsive design that transformed Barnes' online presence. By integrating it with their EXO system, shipping services, and community content, the new website became a centralized online hub for their business. This digital transformation significantly reduced administrative overhead and improved the overall customer experience, marking a significant achievement for both Barnes and Kobe Creations.

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