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The Challenge

Australia's leading craft beer bottle-shop, Beer Cartel, was receiving almost a hundred online orders per day for their range of over a thousand unique beers; in order to further boost these numbers, reduce administration and make more space to grow, they wanted to connect their existing eCommerce website with their LightSpeed accounting system so that retail data could be processed quickly, automatically and in-bulk. With our extensive experience in the LightSpeed and BigCommerce platforms, Kobe Creations had all the expertise needed to build the perfect solution; an innovative new BigCommerce store which automatically bulk-syncs business data with LightSpeed whilst also providing a highly customised, modern eCommerce experience tailored to their business.

The Solution

We worked with Beer Cartel to bring about digital transformation in their business across several directions. Firstly, their eCommerce website was fully integrated with the Lightspeed Retail Accounting system to provide for accurate product management and easy inventory control, as well as a streamlined ordering and account management process for their administrators. Secondly, to attract more customers we overhauled the Beer Cartel website with a modern, stylish and responsive web design; the site was fully updated to provide a better user experience. Finally, we brought in innovative features, using the BigCommerce API to connect the store with DotDigital marketing and Untappd beer reviews; the flexibility of the platform allows for these features to be directly incorporated into the site's design, made easily accessible and appealing.
The Result

  Automated integration between BigCommerce and LightSpeed, updating 10,000+ products each day, near-instant order upload into LightSpeed, mirroring thousands of customer accounts across both platforms and more.
  Enhanced customer experience with a redesigned user interface for desktop and mobile devices
  Time-saving customisations for LightSpeed labels and OrderDesk templates, as well as a custom integration of Untappd reviews, all built into the new design
  Advanced online marketing options with detailed user behaviour analytics reports and an integration with DotDigital

Beer Cartel was provided with an automated integration system that saved them time and money in administration, whilst their customers were provided with an enhanced user experience through the updated site design. We worked hand-in-hand with the client to overcome a number of roadblocks and produce a customised BigCommerce store that was fully integrated with Lightspeed. In doing so we further developed our BigCommerce/Lightspeed expertise and capabilities, as well as our confidence in providing innovative features that help clients stand out from their competitors, such as a professional analytics reporter that can help to boost sales and lower customer bounce rates. Our improvements to the site would be internationally recognised: in the 2022 'Make it Big' awards, the Beer Cartel's website received the Award for Innovation from BigCommerce.

Feel free to view the finished product for yourself here.

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