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MYOB EXO / Wordpress / WooCommerce

An EXO integrated WordPress / WooCommerce website.

The Challenge

Leading building, gardening and hardware wholesale supplier Confast wanted to replace their old WebNinja website with a modern, responsive 'business to business' eCommerce platform that could refresh their business and draw in new customers. Additionally, they wanted this new store to be fully integrated with their EXO ERP, with automatic updating of inventories and syncing of new orders, as well as support for the user-account specific pricing for their products and custom shipping options. The team at Kobe Creations was more than prepared to meet this challenge, having produced many WooCommerce websites in the past.

The Solution

For the site design, we took elements from their pre-existing site and synthesised them into a customised WordPress theme that maintained their business' style and branding within a site layout that was responsive for mobile users, provided a streamlined user experience and connected it to it sister-site, eWorthit.
Our integration with EXO was hosted with its own administration panel, to allow Confast the utmost control over the automatic syncing of products, inventories orders and user accounts. The users saved in their EXO database had Confast site account automatically created for them, allowing for user-specific pricing and shipping options.
Finally, we built in support for Confast's existing product documents and catalogues into the site, so that all of the content from their old website could be migrated into the new one.

The Result

  Improved customer experience and brand presence through a refreshed and revamped site design with mobile support.

  Improved business efficiency through a customisable integration of products, warehouse inventory and customer orders between EXO and WooCommerce.

  Easy Customer management with an automatic linking of user accounts with support for user-specific pricing and shipping

  Import of old site content into the new website for business continuity

  Enhanced Google Analytics tracking

The new website design was well-received by Confast as an excellent replacement for their outdated former setup, and provided a faster and more appealing purchasing process for their users. Our automated integration enabled efficient and reliable stock and order management driven through MYOB EXO, while their customers were able to enjoy the same benefits of custom pricing and shipping as theyd had on the old site, with far less administration required. In this way, Kobe Creations brief and created a whole-new eCommerce website that was far more efficient and effective.

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