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A BigCommerce B2B store, fully integrated with NetSuite

The Challenge

Embed is a pioneering provider of coinless, cashless payment systems for entertainment venues such as arcades and attractions worldwide. They offer a wide range of highly specialized components, software systems, and other related products, both individually and in bundled kits. Despite its growth in America, Europe, and Asia in early 2022, Embed faced limitations in its business due to its reliance on physical offices, emails, and phone calls for customer interactions. In response, Kobe Creations was brought on to create a B2B e-commerce platform connected to their existing site, making Embed's specialist products accessible 24/7 to customers around the world.

Our team was also responsible for integrating the new store with Embed's NetSuite accounting system. The store needed to import orders and payments in real-time, while also exporting product data, including wholesale and complex items, from NetSuite to BigCommerce. As a B2B store, we had to ensure that customers had access to different pricing tiers based on their customer group, product type, and quantity breaks. Additionally, we had to synchronize customer accounts and pricing rules between NetSuite and the BigCommerce store.

The Solution

Our expertise in developing BigCommerce websites has earned us recognition, making it effortless for us to create a contemporary e-commerce platform for Embed using their existing website's design. The focus of the design was to present Embed's specialty product range in a structured and easily searchable manner. Our minimalist approach prioritizes quick product navigation, allowing customers to find what they need within three clicks. A secure 'single sign-on' page separates the old Embed site from the new store, ensuring only logged-in clients can access the store and place orders. We also customized the store with a 'multi-user switcher' feature, enabling clients to place orders across multiple accounts and ship to different locations.

Our team leveraged various proprietary apps to achieve unique functionalities, including a 'recently purchased products' section to promote repeat business and 3rd-party shipping carrier integration, with the option for customers to use their own carrier accounts. The highlight of our work was the creation of a specialized connector between the Embed store and their Avalara Tax system, allowing for real-time, region-based tax calculations on the storefront, crucial for any global business.

We integrated the site with NetSuite through the MyIntegrator.com.au integration platform, making use of BigCommerce's versatility to update simple and complex products with multiple pricing tiers and debtor-specific pricing. Over 3,000 products were updated in real-time. Customer accounts, pricing, and wholesale information were synced between the site and NetSuite. Orders and payments were processed in real-time, with shipment information imported back into BigCommerce once the consignment was ready. Our experience in NetSuite application development enabled us to set up advanced filtering, ensuring that only the necessary products, orders, and customers are updated, with data syncing between BigCommerce and the ERP happening in just seconds.

The Result

 Ordering taken online with a brand-new BigCommerce storefront for international sales

 Optimised B2B commerce with a custom NetSuite Integration of products, orders and customers

 A tailored customer experience with customer-based pricing and shipping, as well as user-switching for placing orders on behalf of others

 Region-based tax compliance via a custom integration between BigCommerce and Avalara

With their new BigCommerce website, Embed is able to expand its business across online pathways and reach an international audience, bringing its specialist products to new markets. At the same time, our specialised B2B integrations ensure that their existing customers are well-served by the website and can easily find the parts that they need online.

You can see the final result of our work at embedcard.com.


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