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MYOB EXO / Wordpress / WooCommerce

An EXO integrated eCommerce website.

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The Challenge

eWorthit Online tasked us with designing an entirely new online storefront and then fully integrating it with their existing MYOB EXO system. In addition, we also linked their pre-existing eBay online store to EXO.

The new website called for a modern responsive UI, detailed product categorisations and a slick persistent login system which supported different pricing for both consumer and wholesale customers. Our EXO-driven automated integration needed to bring across all product data with current inventories, whilst also supporting two-track order syncing across both the eBay and WooCommerce storefronts. It required of us to leverage all our extensive knowledge and experience working with WooCommerce and MYOB EXO.

The Solution

For the site, we quickly designed a dynamic and user-friendly interface, with a number of custom elements aimed at providing easy navigation and a swift digital shopping experience. This included transposing their existing product classifications into a streamlined three-tier category system, navigable within a single menu, as well a dynamic linking of product images and safety documents. We were also able to take advantage of the power of WooCommerce to implement advanced features, including three different types of pricing for the EWorthit catalogue and support for multi-item 'Bill of Materials' products. We produced a consolidated order integration that allows for the continuous integration of new orders as they come in, from both eBay and WooCommerce, with straightforward monitoring and control features available through a central admin panel. In this way we produced an integrated online store that is appealing and easy to use for seller and customer both.

The Results

  Integration of products, warehouse inventory and customer orders between EXO and Woocommerce.

  EXO Integrated brand and category filters.

  One-click Signup system, with discounts for approved trade customers.

  Inbuilt email marketing solution.

  Enhanced Google Analytics tracking

Our stylish and responsive design greatly enhanced the look and usability of EWorthit's online store, whilst our automated integration enables efficient and reliable stock and order management driven through MYOB EXO; the net result being a drastically improved eCommerce setup for the business.

You can see the result yourself here!


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