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The Challenge

ForestOne (formerly known as Gunnersens) approached Kobe Creations to do a compete overhaul of their existing website / digital assets.

ForestOne needed a complete redesign and development of a new customised Wordpress website in addition to an integration with Sugar CRM, and improving the method of warehouse order samples and the inventory management system.

The Solution

We created a brand new modern design from scratch to better suit ForestOnes business model and product variety. We chose to build the website on Wordpress with a WooCommerce eCommerce engine for product management, sales and samples. Wordpress was chosen as the site CMS due to the ease of use of the its backend along with the capabilities of WooCommerce being perfect for the needs of ForestOnes online store.

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Key features of the solution included

• Customised website experience for customer types (Consumer, Builder, Specifier, Manufacture, Reseller/Merchant)

• Smart sample of system with intelligent workflow engine that assign leads and tasks in CRM and sends emails to sales reps with action triggers

• 'Contact a Rep' and 'Where to Buy' that is integrated with CRM/ERP for customer accounts and sales, so only relevant customers who are flagged to be online and have a purchase history will be displayed)

• Embedded Unique Customer ordering and tracking of digital integration visible dynamic

The Result

After the overhaul of the ForestOne design and structure we provided the customer with a Wordpress WooCommerce website integrated with Sugar CRM with a fresh, state of the art design and bonus features.
We focused on the usability for both the customers and staff on the frontend as well as backend of the site. We also ensured the site was built to be able to accomodate ForestOnes future growth as a company while maintaining its speed and performance.

You can view the finished website here

Outcomes for the client's business

• Improve delivery of information and marketing communication to customers (both direct and indirect)
• Speed up delivery of sample requests
• Reduce staff handling time for requests (e.g. sampling, where to buy.)
• Improve the professionalism of customer interaction
• Sales Reps have visibility into customer needs and digital interaction

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