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A premium, highly integrated eCommerce site with a wealth of advanced business functionality.

The Challenge

Form Direct approached Kobe Creations to design and build a new website for them. They had a preexisting site without ecommerce functionality that served as a basic product catalogue with a simple quoting system.

Form Direct needed a fully functioning ecommerce system integrated with MYOB EXO, including a proof of delivery application. In addition, they required us to develop some customised functionality on the site that was tailored to the business and it’s needs, specifically B2B functionality.

The Solution

The Form Direct ecommerce platform that was created needed to be responsive and able to handle a high number of products and users and thus through our experience, we knew that Magento would be the perfect fit for this. We had a suite of plugins built for Magento that could accommodate the desired functionality and with our development expertise in the platform, we were able to create many more plugins as needed.

We had tried and tested integration software for this platform and their accounting software (MYOB EXO) already which meant that we were able to provide a lot of insight and knowledge to the project before development had even started.

We then went on to design and develop the Form Direct website with a clear view of the necessary design and development tasks.

Key features of the solution included

• Customer Account Management (debtors, contacts, accounts and subaccounts)
• Orders (new, backorders, delivery ETA)
• Products (creation and updates including attributes)
• Pricing and Contracts (price book and price policies)
• Invoicing view, download and online payment
• Inventory Management (multi-warehouse)
• Vendor Management (Sales Reps can view sales history and make orders)
• Proof of Delivery and tracking (Logistics App for customer delivery notification and POD)
• Contact and Sub Account Management
• B2B Contracter Management

The Result

After a nine (9) month design and development process we provided a live and fully functioning website that met all of the initial requirements and included a number of bonus features. There was a strong focus on the user experience, providing customers with all the functionality they needed to make the ordering process as smooth as possible.

We are proud of the work that we created alongside Form Direct and hope to continue to support and build on top of the existing site for many years to come.

View the finished website here

Outcomes for the client's business

• Data consistency between online store and accounting platform
• Automation of many processes - saving time on manual labor and data entry
• Advanced B2B functionality that serves as a big selling point
• Ongoing support and much more features in the pipeline


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