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Design and Build of a Modern Business Website

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The Challenge

One of the most trusted accounting firms in Victoria, McBain McCartin & Co, wanted to replace their dated, decade-old website with a modern business-oriented design in order to be be more appealing to potential clients. Though they wanted to maintain the same colour scheme and logo, Kobe Creation was asked to do a complete visual refresh with a brand-new clean design focused on an appealing and intuitive UX. The project required a ground-up build of a totally new website, giving our team a chance to test our web design and development skills.

The Solution

The Kobe team quickly prototyped several new responsive designs for McBain McCartin & Co, working with the client to select the best one for the important page templates. These templates were implemented as a WordPress website with a custom-built backend, a structure chosen to allow the client to easily manage the website themselves using a simplified dashboard. In implementing the site, broad leeway was given to allow us to add some animation to the site content and just-in-time fade loading for the images; we were even able to organise a photoshoot with McBain's staff to set up a whole new 'staff details' page. We were additionally able to set up a 'blog' section and a newsletter page, with email campaign functionality.
The Result

 Revamped online presence through a brand-new website with a custom design

 Easy site management using a simplified WordPress dashboard

 Improved site traffic through a layout geared for SEO performance

Through a complete site re-design and full development cycle, McBain McCartin & Co were given a totally new website with a clean and refreshing design optimised for user experience and search engine performance. Their business site has therefore been transformed from an outdated and ignored relic, to a vibrant and key part of their business, attracting new customers and acting as a platform for marketing materials and announcements. By creating this new site for McBain, Kobe Creation has acted as a catalyst for this successful business transformation.

You can see the result of our work at

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