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A JIWA integrated Wordpress/WooCommerce website.

The Challenge

Queensland Medical & Dental Equipment provider is well known for its vast inventory and quality products, however its outdated eCommerce website was struggling to convey this to customers, a diverse group including market consumers, wholesalers and medical businesses. To add to this pain, following up on invoices and payment reconciliation was being done by hand, requiring manual data entry directly into their JIWA Financials system. To alleviate these pressures and transform their digital business, MDS approached Kobe Creations; we were to to create a brand new modern eCommerce website for our client, one that was fully integrated with MDS' JIWA system and touted custom features for their dual-channel B2C & B2B business.

This project would pose some new challenges for our team: MDS wanted extensive customer self-service features, with areas on the site where customers could view all of their orders, ask for an approve quotes, view invoices with attachments and then pay those invoices online; all of this data had to be read from and written to JIWA.

The Solution

The new storefront was built using WordPress with WooCommerce, a platform that comes with a user-friendly backend to allow MDS to manage their website's content. A ground up design and build of a new theme followed, with close collaboration with the client in order to make sure that all the new graphics would match the brand and image of Medical Dental solutions. Once a staging version of the new website was ready, we began to heavily customise the WooCommerce store to MDS' business needs. A wholesale section was added to the store, along with catalogues, form management, newsletter mailing and links to the client's existing Customer Product Manager web app. The customer account page was customised with an invoice tracking section that allowed them to pay invoices online, an order templating system that lets them save purchases to re-try later and a module for requesting quotes from MDS. Finally, all payments were secured and made PCI-compliant with Westpac PayWay, and the site was made ready for integration.

We set up the MDS integration to use JIWA as the 'single source of truth' and set up automatic pipelines to sync product data and inventory levels from ERP to the site. A similar workflow was set up for customers, with logins and profiles generated on the website for accounts in JIWA; these accounts would be synced alongside pricing tables to set up customer-based wholesale prices. Further work was done to implement automatic invoice generation within JIWA from WooCommerce order and in addition, the integration would also grant MDS customers the ability to pay their outstanding invoices on-account within their 'my profile' page and have the payment automatically flow through to MDS' JIWA system. With these feature implemented, almost all of the previously manual processing has been eliminated from MDS' procedures and made automatic, efficient and cost-effective.

Key features of the solution included

  Improved eCommerce operations through a modern responsive WooCommerce website with built-in fast-search, social media and email marketing solutions

  More efficient B2B sales with a dedicated wholesale section and customisable, automated integration of customer accounts, pricing and pay-on-account invoices between WooCommerce and JIWA

  Business operations automated with a pipeline sync of JIWA products and stock levels into WooCommerce, and automatic invoice generation and order syncing into JIWA.

  Enhanced customer experience through modern eCommerce features with newsletter lists, order-again templates and a request-quote module.

Kobe Creations was able to completely transform the way MDS does online business, giving them a modern eCommerce website that's fully integrated with their JIWA ERP in a way that allows them to give their customers a unique shopping experience, whether they're wholesale or a consumer. By automating away manual processes, their work proceeds far more efficiently, giving them far more room to grow and develop their business. To this day, we've continued to work with MDS to add new features to their website and further personalise it to produce the ideal medical supply shopping experience.

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