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VueJS, Wordpress, PHP

Cutting edge purpose built application for data visualisation and interpretation.

The Challenge

NVT Australia approached us to create a web based application to visually present the plethora of national crop yield data in a simple, clear format, to enable decisions to be quickly and easily made. It was imperative that the data was presented in such a way that farmers and crop growers nationwide would be able to clearly see, understand and compare the results in order to gain insights for action. There was a long list of requirements and features in how this was to be presented including categorisation, labelling, date filtering and location based filtering.

The Solution

We came up with a software stack that at the time was more that sufficient to the needs of the business. We then presented an idea for an application that was designed to have a simple and user friendly UI that presented the data in a clear and impactful way.

Key features of the solution included

• Highly customised data visualisation
• Built on a modern frontend framework - VueJS
• Cacheing and indexing logic that allows for super high speeds even with a massive dataset
• API integration that automatically synchronises the latest data
• Member Login functionality with more advanced options
• Sharing and embedding options

The Result

Since its genesis, the web application has undergone many iterations. What you see now is a robust and flexible solution built on Vue - a modern javascript based framework that we often recommend for customers that want a state of the art web application that will stand the test of time. The application now dynamically pulls in data from NVT in order to keep the data completely up to date. This application is constantly being upgraded and updated in order to meet the needs of a constantly changing industry and has cemented itself as a premium resource for crop growers in Australia.

You can view and test out the web app here

Outcomes for the client's business

• Spreading of information to crop growers across all of Australia
• Increases their network by drawing in users that want to use the tool
• Adds credibility to their understanding of the industry


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