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A Design and Build of a High-Speed WordPress site

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The Challenge

Having recently merged and re-branded, international energy data aggregator Optima Technology needed a new website to represent itself online. As a growing business aimed at both customers and energy brokers, this new website needed to be fast and responsive across all platforms and devices, whilst also possessing an eye-catching design and dynamic graphic pages. In hosting the site, Optima wanted cross-region support with distinct versions of the website for users in Australia and the United Kingdom, with an administrative backend for both versions that allows Optima staff to manage and update site content. With only a few months to fully design, build and then deploy this new business website, the Kobe Creations team had to fully engage our creative UI design skills and our web development prowess.

The Solution

We immediately set about drawing up a variety of new branding and UI styles for Optima's website, using pre-existing marketing articles and materials as a base and wrapping them in mobile and desktop designs with strong User Experience (UX) and interactive elements. Once these designs were approved, we set about implementing them as a custom-built theme in a WordPress site; this platform was chosen for its user-friendly content management dashboard and the ability to easily set up multi-sites. Drawing on our extensive experience in web development, we quickly built up the base pages and enhanced the graphics with small fade-in animations, scrolling brand elements and intractable canvas graphics. Once we were satisfied by the appearance and responsiveness of the design in both mobile and desktop views, it was optimised for the best possible performance on all devices, eventually receiving a 'page speed' score of 98 from Google. With the website almost ready, WordPress' multi-site functionality was customised to create different regional versions of the site, based on a user's IP location. Optima then customised some of the content and text to their specification, before giving Kobe Creations the go-ahead to launch the website into the internet, hosted on our own servers.

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The Result

 Refreshed online presence with a ground-up build of a modern, responsive, UX-centric website

 Enhanced customer appeal with animated and interactive UI elements

 Seamless browsing thanks to a 98 'PageSpeed' score from Google Insights

 Targeted content through region-specific web pages

Having designed and developed a totally brand new website, Kobe Creations was able to successfully create a new online presence for Optima Technology, allowing them to immediately begin drawing in new customers. Furthermore, with its user-friendly backend and multi-region capability, Optima is able to modify and update the content on the site to their liking, tailored to the region-specific version of each page. This project was a great opportunity to flex our creative muscles in UI design and implementation and we're proud to have given such a high degree of assistance to Optima in its brand transformation process.

You can see the result of our work at optimatech.io.

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