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NetSuite / Wordpress / WooCommerce

A NetSuite integrated eCommerce website.

The Challenge

Plumber's Choice wanted a brand new site that took all the functionality of their old NetSuite site and to have it integrated into a modern site with a refreshing new design. Having much experience with the NetSuite platform we had all the knowledge to create the perfect solution.

The Solution

Delivery on world leading open source platform Wordpress with a WooCommerce eCommerce engine to achieve the best results for flexibility, scalability and long term growth. A custom design with the flexibility to integrate the system with NetSuite, Wordpress/WooCommerce backend is also incredibly user friendly making it easy to pick up for clients that are migrating from one CMS to another.

Key features of the solution included

• Product Integration
• Customer Integration - 2 way with Netsuite
• Multi warehouse Inventory Integration with Netsuite
• Pricing and customer specific pricing Integration with Netsuite
• Payment and On Account with Netsuite
• Invoice Integration with full Netsuite
• Customer invoice payments and account reconciliation with credit
• Customer statement generation from with Netsuite
• Ability for customer to view sales orders, credit memos, quotes, and more

The Result

After a 4 month development process we provided the client with a fully integrated website that was rich with NetSuite specific features. We overcame several hurdles that only served to deepen our NetSuite knowledge and capabilities and built our confidence in providing advanced features that can make clients the point of difference between themselves and their competitors.

Feel free to view the finished product for yourself here

Outcomes for the client's business

Whether it would be on the phone, or on the computer, our responsive design ensures customers can easily make purchases anywhere they are. Our solution enables Plumbers Choice to maintain a modern stylish design whilst working hand-in-hand with NetSuite.


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