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Wordpress / WooCommerce / Ethitec

A WooCommerce / Ethitec site with for-hire products and a B2B portal

The Challenge

RehabHire contracted Kobe Creations to build a simple Ethitec-integrated WooCommerce site for B2C sales of their specialised hospital equipment. However, when online business boomed they wanted it extended so that all of their services could be offered online. This meant that products needed to not only be sold, but also hired out to customers, with an option for customers to request quotes! Additionally, RehabHire needed the website to accomodate their official partners with specialised B2B services, so the hospitals that rely on them can easily order or hire items in bulk and with specialised pricing and custom shipping methods.

This is quite an unconventional setup for a WooCommerce website, but Kobe Creations has the expertise to make it happen!

The Solution

It took no time at all to Implement hireable products with a 'quick quote' option - and we were sure to incorporate it into the integration so that pricing and lease periods were always consistent with data in Ethitec, making for easy reports for RehabHire. Building out the B2B features was a little trickier. The Kobe team built a 'partner portal' into the website, so RehabHire's set of partners each had their own version of the store, complete with custom pricing, shipping options, payment methods and even personalised branding! Partners could request as many logins as they like, with each user able to create 'quick orders' to hire in-bulk, as well as the ability to request hire, cost and product reports direct from RehabHire's Ethitec ELM! To top it off, additional procedures such as budget requests, item collection arrangements and product swaps were brought online, so that all of RehabHire's business services (and more!) were incorporated into their WordPress website!

The Result

 Business made easy with online pathways for purchases, quotes and hires.
 B2B Partner services enhanced with a personalised portal for each client, complete with custom pricing, quick order functionality, instant reports and more.
 Time saved with an automatic sync of product, inventory, pricing, customer and sales data

Thanks to their new website, RehabHire's business procedures were made faster, simpler and more efficient! Tasks that used to require phone-calls and in-person meetings could now be done online by the client, and with all their services available online, customers have more ways than ever to access RehabHire's services. They're a shining example of how a business can be transformed with an effective online storefront.

You can see the final result of our work at

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