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Doubling Orders with a migration to BigCommerce




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91% Increase in Orders - 140% Increase in Revenue - 20% Increase in Average Order Value

The Challenge

More than Cosmetic
Australia's leading discount pharmacy chain, Your Discount Chemist, was looking to replace their old Magento web store, which was nearing end-of-life. They were keen to move over to BigCommerce, a newer, cloud-based platform sporting a range of advanced features that could boost their B2C sales and drive new growth. To make this happen, Kobe Creations was tasked with designing and building the new eCommerce store on the platform and migrating across all their old data from Magento. This required a comprehensive build of a new BigCommerce theme, as well as custom apps and modules, to produce a site taking full advantage of the new platform, with a clean and accessible UI, support for devices of all sizes, hassle-free ordering, comprehensive product organisation, and support for bespoke features like prescription confirmation.

The Solution

The Script to Success
We began with a period of consultation with YDC staff to draw up a site style that's consistent with their branding and identify the core customer needs to sculpt the new UX around. YDC themselves would be involved in nearly every step of the new build, guiding the design and providing feedback. Special attention was paid to navigation flows and how best to guide customers to the specific product category, brand, or type that they're looking for while also making it easy to showcase YDC's other services, such as compounding or vaccination.

Remedy Regimen
Implementing the design was done in stages, with constant feedback informing new iterations. New components were built, including a category tile layout and a custom mega-menu with spaces for promotional banners and eye-catching labels to indicate popular categories or new items. The product search and filters were structured using the Searchanise plugin, which was incorporated into the theme to keep the appearance and layout of categories and products consistent across the whole website. Finally, a quick custom-field check for prescription products was implemented, which forces customers to read and agree to send their script before the purchase page. Responsive animations and transitions were implemented as finishing touches, following extensive cross-browser testing on desktop and mobile devices.

Once the structure was built, populating it with data was simple—an integration with the SKUlibrary PIM quickly filled their BigCommerce store with all their products, images, and data included! The new store was completely compatible with integration so that product, pricing, and inventory data could be fully integrated with YDC's LOTS ERP.

The Result

• A brand new BigCommerce site built with a UX-focused responsive design.
• Creation of custom elements and modules to support YDC staff and customers.
• Implementation of an intuitive navigation system, with dynamic product filtration and space for marketing elements.
• Full compatibility with integration to ensure seamless synchronisation of product, pricing, and inventory data.

Selling products on the new BigCommerce store has proved to be a great success for Your Discount Chemist, yielding an enhanced user experience, boosted engagement, and higher sales. Since the site launched, from May to November 2023, orders have increased 91%, revenue is up by 138% and the average order value has risen by 20%! This project is a great example of how Kobe Creations' collaborative design process and experienced development team produce excellent eCommerce websites.

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