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What is Local Search Marketing?

Local search marketing, also known as 'Local SEO', is an extremely powerful method of marketing your local business online by promoting relevant products and services to nearby customers who are searching online. It has increasingly become a necessary quality for all businesses, big and small, that look to reach consumers over the internet.

Put simply, Local Search Marketing is a method of search engine optimisation geared towards local businesses, to help them show up in the web searches of their local customers.

As a part of our dedication to digital disruption, Kobe Creations offers consulting, optimisation and transformation services for local businesses looking to advance their online presence and boost their Local SEO.

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Why is Local Search Marketing important?

Current trends reflect that Local Search Marketing is foundational to nearly all local businesses today, with over 46% of searches on Google made with a local intent. In addition to this, Local Search Marketing is among the most cost-effective methods of marketing for businesses when it comes to boosting visibility, communicability and branding.

Further statistics show us that consumers are leaning towards local searches whenever they want to quickly buy a product - one in five local mobile searches will lead to a sale within 24 hours.

However, consumers will research their options before they make their purchase, and they won't consider businesses with inconsistent and incorrect information; 41% of people are likely to abandon searches for specific businesses or look for an alternatives if they're confronted with scant, ugly or unappealing online information. Consumers want to know exactly who they're buying from and this means that businesses must have good reviews, recommendations, photos, videos and other important information displayed whenever local searches are being made. Reviews are becoming more important every day with 64% of consumers checking online reviews before deciding to shop at a store.

Businesses with a stronger online presence have a much higher chance of winning the local searching customer - 97% higher! The more prominent a local business is online, and the more effective that online presence is, the more traffic it will receive.

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