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What Makes for a Great User Experience






Design & Development

Usually the first phase of a project


We first enter the user experience phase on a project once we're in the wireframe stage. Some people think that wireframes are a sketch of the project, providing a rough idea of its layout and how it will look. However, that isn't our definition. At Kobe Creations a wireframe is a clickable, functioning prototype of the website.

Once we have that, we can move through the process of doing all the tasks that visitors would normally do such as signing in, logging on, navigating through the site. This is the beginning of addressing usability concerns and testing of primary functions, making sure all parts of the project makes sense.

When to test

The User Interface is more on the design side at this stage, in which we judge the wireframes in what's visually appealing and drawing attention to the appropriate 'Calls to Action'. For example a 'Submit' button when signing a form. This is how we iteratively get the project on its feet, starting to get user feedback and adjusting accordingly.

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