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What is Local Search Marketing?

Local search marketing, also known as local SEO, is an extremely powerful method of marketing your local business online by promoting local businesses products and services to nearby customers that are searching online.
More formally put, local search marketing is a method of search engine optimisation that helps local businesses show up for relevant local searches.

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Why is Local Search Marketing important?

Current trends are showing that local search marketing is the foundation of nearly all local businesses today with 46% of searches on Google being made with local intent. In addition of this, local search marketing is the most effective method of marketing for businesses for a number of reasons, such as cost-effectiveness, communication, visibility and many more.

Statistics are showing us that consumers are leaning towards local searches when they look to buy products in a short timeframe with 16% of local mobile searches leading to a sale within 24 hours.

We also know that consumers are researching their options before they got to make their purchase. We also know that people aren't considering businesses with inconsistent and incorrect information since 41% of people are likely to abandon searches for specific businesses or look for an alternative if the business they are looking into have bad information. Consumers want to know exactly who they're buying from, this means that businesses must have good reviews and recommendations as well as photos, videos and other important information displayed when local searches are being made. Reviews are becoming more important every day with 64% of checking businesses online reviews before deciding to shop at a store.

Businesses with a stronger online presence have a much higher chance of winning the local searching customer. Unsurprisingly, the more prominent the local business is online the more traffic it receives, but we need the understand that 97% of people searching online to find new local businesses.

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